Best Engineering Practices

At LAIMAN GROUP OF COMPANY, we have delivered pro-actively over the years professionally and health wise all Engineering jobs contracted through us, handled by our Engineering sector; LAIMAN ENGINEERING SOLUTION LIMITED.

Over the years, our management team has put in place the best Engineers for best results. We consistently improve our working ethics in regard to meet or exceed our clients demands. We ensure system integrity and enhance efficiency by making your system safer and faster.

Dredging Services

Over the years, Laimar Limited has made giant strides in providing dredging services for both the private and public organizations within our areas of operation. Our experienced professionals will evaluate your situation and recommend an efficient, cost-effective solution to your dredging challenge. We have the right equipment and the technical know-how to reduce any waste into a manageable & transferable form.

Our dredging services includes;
  • Canalization;
  • Channeling and creek improvement;
  • Location sweeping;
  • Sand fill reclamation for infrastructural development;
  • Sand stockpiling for earth’s reclamation.

Civil Construction Services in Niger-Delta

LAIMAN GROUP OF COMPANY has been providing a complete range of civil construction services in Niger-Delta Region and the country at large through LAIMAN ENGINEERING SOLUTION LTD-with extensive experience in civil construction, rock hammering, general road works, pipeline construction and both detail and bulk earth works. Our workforce is highly trained, experience and committed to providing a superior and competitive service to our clients ensuring that the job is completed on time and within budget, and meeting or exceeding their quality requirements. We are committed to providing high quality and professional services to the civil construction industry throughout the country as to construction and maintenance