LAIMAR GROUP is a Nigerian owned company established under the Company’s Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to provide Environmental, Dredging, Engineering and Marine Logistics Support

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Environmental Services

Laiman Group has provided transportation, disposal and onsite environmental services for a wide variety of client. We are dedicated to satisfying our customers, increasing our technical expertise, ensuring quality performance and safety & it reflects in everything we do. Our Environmental services include:

  • Emergency Oil Spill response
  • Land & Marine Remediation.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Effluent Monitoring
  • Oil Rig Equipment Cleaning with Rig wash/Bio-de greaser.
  • Environmental Auditing.
  • Tank Testing and Cleaning
  • Sludge Dislodgement.

Emergency Oil Spill Response

During emergencies, every second counts; that’s why Laiman is available 24 hours a day,seven days a week to cleanup any accident, no matter how volatile. Our personnel have the experience and professional training to handle any incident. The company’s extensive inventory of up-to date equipment enables us respond efficiently and without delay.Our commitment to personnel health and safety with reduced environmental impact makes us provide full site restoration services to return your site to its pre-incident condition.

Land and Marine Remediation

Laiman Group successfully manages its client’s remediation project, regardless of scope and complexity. As pioneers and leaders in the remediation industry, we feel a professional responsibility to our clients, our neighbors, and our environment; we ensure that are solutions are proven, cost effective and can eliminate unnecessary clean up expenditures.

Environment Impact Assessment

Laiman performs Environmental Impact Assessment for its clients; our combination of hands-on experience and state-of-the-art knowledge gives us a real industry edge. We’re proud of our outstanding record of achievement and our clients are sure of innovative, cost-effective solutions. We have the expertise to undertake all phases of Impact Assessments and a close network of teaming partners who provide complementary knowledge and expertise so that all issues can be addressed.

Effluent Monitoring

Laiman Group offers high performing Industrial Effluent Monitoring specially designed for monitoring & controlling effluents. Our services are rendered by the experts who understand the requirement of the clients and ensure timely completion of the project undertaken at the pre-described time frame.

Oil Rig Equipment Cleaning with Rigwash/Bio-degreaser.

Laiman  Group’s innovative cleaning service is highly efficient, kind to materials and the environment. The cleaning product is safe, biodegradable, non hazardous, non toxic, versatile, economical, contains no known pollutants, low in VOC and compatible for use with other cleaning products. The emerging policies and regulations controlling emissions, rising energy prices and increasing public and investor interest, no business can ignore the strategic and operational implications of climate change and the new carbon economy. We perform third party assessment of the current status of an organization’s compliance with environmental laws and regulations & financial advantages and disadvantages of adopting a more environmentally sound policy.

Environmental Auditing.

Laiman has substantial experience assisting clients with all facets of environmental auditing. We have performed environmental audits across a variety of industry sectors, including universities, railroads, chemical manufacturers, telecommunications companies, waste industries, and other businesses. Our services include working with industry bodies and groups to deliver specific projects or to develop industry specific audit, assessment or data capture requirements. We can then provide follow on environmental sustainability audit assessment services, or basic data capture services.

Tank Testing and Cleaning

Laiman provides the most complete, comprehensive, efficient and  safe tank cleaning system to our customers. We offer full-service Underground Storage Tank (UST) and Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) inspection and cleaning services. Our tank cleaning system reduces cleaning time by combining a specially designed tank cleaning unit with specialized cleaning chemicals. This combination of expertise and nationally recognized certifications allow us to provide services for all types of projects – from a small residential tank to field-built tank farms.

Sludge Dislodgement.

We provide logistic options, sampling/survey, equipment solutions, fluid recovery, wash water recovery waste and sludge disposal options. Whether your needs call for temporary, seasonal or long-term sludge dislodgement, we have the expertise, manpower and equipment to do the job, and do it right. We can quickly remove sludge contaminated sediment from your site.