Laimar Marine Solutions

We provide services backed by our far-reaching resources and an impeccable reputation with every client that we serve. Our virtues are built and maintained to the highest standard.

Our preventive maintenance culture provide our client with incident-free operations and no downtime. our diversified fleet consists varying sizes of boats that supports our clients’ operation in shadow waters and at sea (onshore & offshore operations).


Our fleet for Onshore/Swamp Operations includes the following;
Tugboats of different sizes
Houseboats of different sizes
Lay Barges
Chemical Barges
Fuel Barges
Water Barges
Ramp Barges
Work Barges Among others.

Offshore Equipment

Our offshore equipment are delivered in their best functionality to our clients through our well managed and professional personnel, good in carrying out offshore activities with HSE compliance in mind and work ethics.

We believe that we can handle all of our clients demands when it comes to offshore equipment leasing, construction and maintenance.


Offshore Equipment

Sea Going Tugboat Crew Boats Offshore Vessels Security Boat DP Vessel Utility Vessel Patrol Boat